WHAT is a Watch Party?

It’s a group of people who meet in-person at someone’s house to watch our online worship experience, build community and encourage one another in their faith.

WHEN do Watch Parties take place?

Every Sunday!  They can happen during our regular service times by watching our livestream, or at any other convenient time for your group by watching the recorded service on our Facebook or YouTube.

HOW do we stream the service?

By going to our YouTube or Facebook and clicking on service link.  If you need help streaming, click on our resources below.

Want to host a Watch Party?

Watch NOW!

Watch the service in your home at any time.

Need help?

Here are some resources to help you set up the service to a bigger monitor, TV, etc.

What if I can't host BUT want to be a part of a Watch Party?

We understand that some people may not be able to “host” a party but they would like to join an existing watch party, and that’s great too!  We encourage you to connect with your lifegroup leader for location and times.  If you don’t have a lifegroup or if your lifegroup isn’t able to host a watch party, simply go to our Facebook Group page so that we can connect you with people near you.

If you are not local or if you’re one of our global partners and you also need a Watch Party location, we also encourage you to join our Facebook Group.

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